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The Mountain Marathon Series is a series of 5 races and a grand final, which moves each year. The races are spread across Kwa-Zulu Natal (3) Mpumalanga (1) and Limpopo (1). The 2022 final will take place in Lesotho as part of Lesotho Ultra Trail.

The series aims to provide challenging and spectacular mountain races, while also catering to the family and friends vibe. Each race also has shorter distances of 20km, 10km and 5km that take place on the same day as the Mountain Marathon (35km – 42km).

Two of the races take place out of hotel venues, Drakenberg Northern Trail out of Alpine Heath and Ingeli Mountain Marathon out of Aha Ingeli Forest. Both of these offer great value accommodation and food, with wonderful kids facilities. Mnweni and Uitsoek are run out of hiking venues and offer camping and dorms accommodation, while Soutpansberg takes place out of an environmental education centre offering dorm and camping accommodation. 

Each race has its own unique character and vibe, and each marathon offers a great challenge to traverse beautiful South African mountain ranges! 

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07 October 2023

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04 November 2023

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