Louis Le Grange, Jaques Buys and Max Millar soaking up Lesotho Ultra 2022.

The Lesotho Ultra 2022 was highly anticipated by runners and organisers alike, as this was the first running of the event since November 2019! It delivered on all expectations, with runners experiencing all the weather conditions, which which pushed the limits in many ways. But that’s Lesotho Ultra for you – its edgy and a little bit extreme! 

The Album of pictures by Gareth Roberts tells the story and can be seen HERE.

Lesotho Ultra 2022 also served as the Mountain Marathon Series final, which was closely contested between eventual winner Louis Le Grange and 2nd placed Max Millar in the men’s, while Ruth Cozien made a clear winner in the women’s race and finished 5th overall, with a fractured foot!! Louis & Max captured some awesome footage of the race, showing the brutal climbs, conditions and magnificent of the mountains. Check it out in the IG Highlights Reel HERE.

The Ultra route pushes participants even further, taking runners back up to the top of the escarpment one more time. This event was won by Jacques Buys in 6:04:44 – very impressive in those conditions, and Leah Sloman in 10:10:33.

But Lesotho Ultra is so much more than a race at the end of the day. It’s a test against oneself out there on the upper ridge line, where runners find themselves at over 3000m above sea level for 10km. That’s were its easy to see where you are as a mountain runner and how you stand up to the elements of the earth. That’s where any façade falls away and the truth is revealed, like only mountains can do to the soul.

SO yes, if you want to test yourself and run one of the hardest 50km and 40km courses that will show you what type of mountain runner is inside, and experience a full immersion, then Lesotho Ultra is your race!

Entries for the 2023 event open on 21 November 2022. 

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