Lesotho ultra

05 November 2022


In the heart of the Lesotho Highlands lies the Maluti Mountains, some of the best terrain for high altitude running in the world. Serving as the “veins” of this region, an intricate network of trails exists along the valleys and mountain flanks, connecting many of the remote villages. Used primarily by livestock and shepherds, many of the mountain passes have been established by hand, allowing people and animals to pass through the rugged mountains on foot. It is this ancient philosophy of man’s primal need to explore and conquer his surrounding terrain that has lead to the development of the Lesotho Ultra Trail, Africa’s first Ultra Skymarathon®.

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Entries and Registration

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Online Entries Open: 10:00am, Friday, 10 December 2022
Online Entries Close: Midday, Wednesday, 02 November 2022

Registration and Late Entries: Registration will open at 04:00pm on Friday, 04 November 2022, and will close at 08:00pm. Registration will commence again on race day at 05:30am. Late Entries will be available at registration  for the short and medium courses but at a R50 surcharge.



Sky marathon

Start time: 06:00am
Distance: 49.55km
Elevation gain: 2841m
Aid Stations: 

*Please note this course requires compulsory equipment.

2019 Stats

Mens Winner: Quinton Honey (05:35:23)
Ladies Winner: Marzelle van der Merwe (07:16:49)

Longest Time: 13:09:48

Finishers: 50 runners

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Mountain Marathon

Start time: 06:30am
Distance: 39.24km
Elevation gain: 2041m
Aid Stations: 

*Please note this course requires compulsory equipment.

2021 Stats

Mens Winner: Morabaraba Sello (04:00:28)
Ladies Winner: Franci Myburgh (06:28:15)

Longest Time: 12:13:55

Finishers: 44 runners

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Mountain challenge

The new route is currently being developed and are aimed at making the event more widely accessible to the general trail running community. Once this course has been completed, a full course description will be given. As a guideline for what to expect, the 21km will trail through to Camp Davis reaching a maximum altitude of 2 700m before turning back. The entire course will be marked. More info and route map to be coming soon!

Start time: 07:00am | Walkers Welcome
Distance: ~21km
Elevation gain: TBC 
Aid Stations: TBC

*Please note that compulsory equipment is required for this course.

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Maliba Lodge, Lesotho

Maliba Lodge is a beautiful lodge situated deep inside the Maluti Mountains. 3-Star Maliba Lodge, dormitory, and camping are currently available.

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