Soutpansberg mountain marathon

2023 event CANCELLED

The story

Thanks to Andre Du Toit’s introduction, KZNTR and the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) have partnered to create a land stewardship program aimed at conserving the beautiful but under-protected Soutpansberg Mountain range in South Africa. EWT started the conservation project in 2017 with the aim of acquiring land and enlisting landowners to commit to managing their land for conservation purposes. With momentum growing, two properties, Medike East and West, are now owned by EWT, and the total area covered by the stewardship program is now 27,000 hectares.

As avid trail runners, Andre Du Toit and Yolan Friedmann, CEO of EWT, recognized the potential for eco-tourism in the area and decided to incorporate trail running into the project. They struck a deal with EWT where they would own 75% of any events that KZNTR established. And thus, the Soutpansberg Mountain Marathon and a 4-day trail running event were born.

The Soutpansberg Mountain Marathon will take place on this spectacular range of mountains, with 5km to 42km courses on offer, starting and finishing at Medike Nature Reserve. The longer courses climb up the mountain and offer proper challenges to the runners. This event is an excellent opportunity to showcase the beauty of the area and bring attention to the conservation efforts underway. So, get ready for an adventure, challenge yourself, and join KZNTR and EWT in conserving one of South Africa’s most beautiful terrains!

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Entries and Registration

Enter HERE:

Online Entries Open: 10:00am, Tuesday, 28 February 2023
Online Entries Close: Midday, Thursday, 03 August 2023

Registration and Late Entries: Registration opens at 05:00pm on Friday, 04 August 2023, and closes at 08:00pm. Registration will commence again on race day at 05:30am. Late Entries will be available at Registration  for the short and medium courses but at a R50 surcharge.



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Start time: TBA
Distance: 56km
Elevation gain: 2401m
Aid Stations: TBA

*Please note this course requires compulsory equipment.

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Mountain Marathon

Start time: 06:00am
Distance: 40.7km
Elevation gain: 1997m
Aid Stations: 5 tables

*Please note this course requires compulsory equipment.

2022 Stats

Mens Winner: Cornelius Rall (05:26:31)
Ladies Winner: Christili Miller (07:23:57)

Average Time: 08:10:39
Longest Time: 11:33:59

Finishers: 18 runners

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Medike Challenge

Start time: 07:00am
Distance: 23.08km
Elevation gain: 1108m
Aid Stations: 3 tables

*Please note this course requires compulsory equipment.

2022 Stats

Mens Winner: Hennie Niekerek (02:58:40)
Ladies Winner: Debbie Blount (03:43:14)

Average Time: 05:00:30
Longest Time: 09:04:25

Finishers: 26 runners

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Medium course

Start time: 07:30am | Walkers Welcome
Distance: 10.02km
Elevation gain: 689m
Aid Stations: 2 tables

2022 Stats

Mens Winner: Benjamin Walton (01:25:07)
Ladies Winner: Chloe Lucas (01:41:38)

Average Time: 02:43:35
Longest Time: 03:58:36

Finishers: 24 runners

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short course

Start time: 07:40am | Walkers Welcome
Distance: 5km (TBC)
Elevation gain: TBC
Aid Stations:  TBC

2022 Stats

Mens Winner: Luan Le Grange (25:06)
Ladies Winner: Natascha Louw (33:41)

Average Time: 34:03
Longest Time: 52:38

Finishers: 6 runners

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Medike Nature Reserve, outside Makhado (Louis Trichardt)

Medike Nature Reserve is an ideal venue about 45 minutes from Louis Trichardt. The road to get there is a combination of dirt and tar and in the reserve camping  is available. Meals are also served on site if you don’t want to self cater. The greater area also has a number of lodge options within 30 minutes drive.

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Written directions

Depart from Louis Trichardt by taking Rissik Street, which will eventually become the R522. Follow the asphalt road for approximately 35 kilometers until you reach a railway crossing that intersects the road. Prior to reaching the railway track, a sign for Medike will be visible on your right, located at the commencement of a dirt road. Make a right turn at this juncture, ensuring not to cross over the railway track. As you transition onto the dirt road, the railway track will be situated on your left-hand side. In the event that you are travelling from the Vivo side along the R522, you will cross over the railway track on the asphalt road, and proceed to turn left onto the dirt road, just after the railway crossing.

Subsequently, continue along the dirt road, with the railway track positioned on your left-hand side. Upon reaching a crossing, you will be required to drive over the railway tracks. It is essential to exercise caution since trains operate on this line. Once you have crossed over the tracks, turn right, and the railway will now be situated on your right. Proceed along this road and cross over a cement bridge. On the left, a dilapidated white house will come into view. Continue on the dirt road, where there are several signs for Medike. Eventually, you will reach a signboard for Medike, located on your right-hand side (on the opposite side of the railway). Cross over the railway for the final time, navigate up and down a few hills, and ultimately arrive at Medike.